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Ogilvie Homes Complaints Policy for Homeowners


Our aim is to provide excellent services and deliver those services right first time for our customers. Where we do not meet the required standard, we anticipate our staff will take ownership and work with customers to resolve any issues. There may be times, however, when customers feel we have let them down and wish to raise their concerns formally. 

Ogilvie homes recognise the value of customer feedback and welcomes this as an important form of continual improvement of our services. We will learn from and use the information from complaints to drive forward improvements and respond positively to our customers’ needs and expectations. 

We put a strong emphasis on making personal contact with complainants and finding out from them what we need to do to put things right. We want to resolve all complaints quickly and effectively, resolving them straight away where possible. 

We accept complaints in all formats, and they can be made via the following: 

• Visiting our website – www.ogilviehomes.co.uk. We would ask you to follow our ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and complete your details, Concerns & Complaints via the General Enquiries form there within. 

• Emailing us– homes@ogilviehomes.co.uk 

• Writing to us – Ogilvie Homes Ltd, Ogilvie House, Pirnhall Business Park, 200 Glasgow Road, Stirling, FK7 8ES 

• In person at our Site Sales Offices. 

Our aims

We believe that all our customers have the right to: 

• Have their views heard 

• Receive a good quality service 

• Expect prompt action when our performance is below standard, balanced by the resources we have available. 

Our procedure will: 

• Advise clients of the standard of service they should expect a time limit for replying to their complaint and their right to appeal decisions via the New Home Warranty provider for their property (where applicable and covered by the New Home Warranty Policy). 

• Provide a code of practice for handling complaints 

• Ensure we monitor complaints 

• Ensure we meet our standards 

How we handle a complaint

Ogilvie Homes Ltd will appoint a manager to investigate a complaint that has been escalated beyond the site sales office. That manager will have experience and seniority to deal with the issues raised by the complainant. Ogilvie Homes will aim to have all complaints resolved within 28 working days unless a different timescale is agreed between the parties. 

Who can make a complaint?

We accept complaints from clients, neighbours, and visitors to our site. We also accept complaints from people acting on behalf of someone else such as councillors, members of parliament (MPs) and representatives. 

What happens if customers are dissatisfied with a service?

If customers are dissatisfied with a particular service, they are encouraged to contact the Site Sales Manager on site as soon as possible. We want to resolve issues as quickly as possible by dealing with initial failures informally by making personal contact, where possible, and agreeing what actions we will take. Although we will try and contact customers as soon as possible, customers can normally expect us to respond within three working days. 

What happens if customers are still dissatisfied with the response?

If we have not resolved the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction, they can make a complaint through our complaints process. If a customer has not previously contacted us to let us know about their dissatisfaction with a service, we will not normally treat the initial report as part of the complaints process. 

We operate a two-phase complaints process, which gives the complainant the right to have their complaint reviewed at more senior levels should they be dissatisfied with the outcome of the initial response. 

Complaint phase: The complaint will be dealt with by staff, contractors or the appropriate person in the section providing the service. If the complaint is about a manager a senior member of the management team will handle the complaint. 

Review phase: If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint, a Departmental Manager will carry out a review of the complaint on behalf of the management. 

With some complaints we may provide a final decision at the complaint phase so that there no need for the complainant to go through to the review phase. This is where we deem that no action is necessary and that our response would be the same after a review of the complaint. When this happens complainants will be informed of their rights to refer the complaint to the Warranty Provider (where applicable and covered by the New Home Warranty Policy) who can carry out an independent review of the matter and provide a report on their findings in relation to property issues. 

What is the time limit for acknowledging receipt of a complaint?

We will acknowledge receipt of a complaint by phone or in writing within seven working days. Our acknowledgement will provide details of who is handling the complaint, the subject of the complaint and the timescales for a full response. 

What is the time limit for a full response to a complaint?

The time limit for a full response is 21 working days for the complaint phase and 28 working days for the review phase. 

What happens if the complainant is still dissatisfied once they have been through our complaints process?

If the complainant remains dissatisfied following the outcome of the review of their complaint, the complainant will be informed of their rights to refer the complaint to the Warranty Provider in relation to property issues. 

What information do we need to investigate a complaint?

We will make a detailed record of the complaint, so it is important that we are given all the information. We will then direct the complaint to the relevant person for handling. 

We will provide customers with reasonable help that they may need – for example we can explain the complaints process and signpost customers to other services. 

Is there a time limit for making a complaint?

We will not normally consider a complaint that is made regarding an item that that was covered by the New Home Warranty after the applicable cover has expired. 

Are there any exclusions to the complaints process?

There are certain types of complaints that will not be dealt with under this policy 

• Complaints where legal correspondence has been received 

• Complaints that are submitted anonymously (although we may still investigate) 

• Complaints relating to Property completion timescales (this will be explained at sales office level) 

• Complaints relating to the actions or omissions of others 

• Complaints resulting from our adherence to Local Authority or Local Government guidance or legislation. 

We will not undertake further investigation with regards to the following. 

A component or appliance where the homeowner has not complied with the manufacturer’s written instructions or guarantee requirements and for wear and tear, neglect and failure to do the appropriate maintenance. 

Complaints resulting from storms and severe weather conditions including flooding. 

Damp, condensation and shrinkage not resulting from a failure to comply with the warranty providers Standards. 

Neighbour disputes. 

What will we do when resolving a complaint?

In resolving complaints, we will: 

• Try to call the complainant to make personal contact including, where appropriate, offering to meet with the complainant where applicable to provide us with the opportunity to fully understand what may be required remedy the complaint 

• Where possible, agree with the complainant actions that will be taken and when. 

• Update the complainant at each step and advise them of any delay in completing the actions. 

• Request that the complainant signs to confirm issues have been resolved and the actions completed. 

Further Information 

Premier Guarantee, 0844 251 7802, www.premierguarantee.co.uk 

Checkmate, 020 7933 2626, claimsadmin@checkmate.uk.com