Environmental Policy – Ogilvie Homes

Environmental Policy

Ogilvie carries out a diverse range of residential projects for the public and private sectors and recognises that its activities have both a local and global impact on the environment, generation of waste and climate change. To minimise this impact to as low as reasonably achievable, Ogilvie Homes Ltd is committed to ensuring that:

  • Negative Impacts are minimised.
  • Sustainability is promoted.
  • Energy efficiency is promoted.

The company is committed to continually improving its environmental and sustainable performance through the setting of objectives and targets, which are monitored by our Board of Directors annually to ensure they are achieved.

In order to comply with its legal, regulatory and other business obligations to prevent pollution and continually improve its performance, the company operates and regularly reviews their Environmental Management System, which is currently undergoing assessment.

Ogilvie Homes is committed to the following measures and practices:-

  • Monitoring environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice and ensuring strict compliance to regulations.
  • Regular development, education and training of employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure the commitment to environmental responsibility throughout the company’s activities.
  • Communication of Environmental Policies, Procedures, Management Systems, Training and Updates to all employees, sub-contractors to ensure a high standard of environmental care is maintained at all times.
  • Organisation of all activities, on site and off site, in a manner designed to minimise pollution and disturbance to the general public and surrounding areas.
  • Utilising, where viable, materials and products from sustainable sources.
  • Adopting waste minimisation techniques and good house keeping practices to ensure the most efficient use of non-sustainable resources.
  • Protection of flora & fauna and their habitats at our office and sites where we hold responsibility and set a good example for those that do.
  • Promoting the least environmentally damaging modes of transport where travel is unavoidable.
  • Ensuring that all environmental aspects are considered for new or existing contracts, methods, processes or equipment, in order to minimise adverse environmental impacts.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the company’s Environmental Management System through internal audits, external third party audits, and management reviews.

The Directors will monitor Ogilvie Homes Ltd.’s progress annually.